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Family Dialogue, a one-woman show by Dick Meredith

ISBN #1-60513-253-5
JAC #2014-0005

Cast of Characters

  • GRACE MILLER: An attractive, intelligent woman in her 50-60s taking an emotional rollercoaster ride in her search for peace in her family.

  • (MOTHER): Controlling mother who shows favoritism and demeans Grace.

  • (FRED MILLER): Unfaithful husband who is condescending and stubborn.

Grace’s kitchen is stage right with a small dining table and two chairs. The center of this table has a flower vase and two coffee cups on either side of the table. Upstage center has a counter/utility table with a coffee pot. Grace’s living room is stage left and has a comfy chair with two end tables on either side facing a small TV set.



Grace Miller is determined to right the conflicts in her life. She is mending a long marriage to a husband found unfaithful and coping with tumultuous belittlement by a harsh mother. Her burden is complicated by their deaths. Undaunted by these seemingly monumental barriers, Grace proceeds through a rollercoaster of pain, humor and heated arguments in her search for family harmony.

About this Playwright

Dick Meredith began playwriting upon a dare after seeing his wife in a show. He left saying, "I could write better than that." His wife challenged him to prove it. Upon request, he wrote four popular educational plays that toured in Florida, two positively reviewed Florida dinner theatre murder mysteries, and three comedies for seniors performed by Atlanta Theatre to Go, the Mohler actresses in Hershey, PA, and the Winding Rivers Players in Towanda, PA. Dick's background as a patrol officer, detective, fraud investigator, teacher, Vietnam veteran, grandfather and husband brings authenticity and humor to his work. A University of South Florida graduate, Dick currently lives with his wife Patti in her hometown of Towanda, PA.


Read a sample from the play!

"I know what I said. I know what I promised. I said I had forgiven you. I lied. I never forgave you and I still haven’t. Really, Fred, what were my choices? Forgive you or end our marriage? Even during the time when you were crying and begging me to forgive you, you were still controlling everything including my feelings. You didn’t even give me time to heal. You gave me an ultimatum, remember, Fred? I needed time. I didn’t want to lose you. I didn’t want to lose us, so I said I forgave you and would forget what happened. How can you just un-remember that your husband had an affair? Not just some fling—it lasted twelve years. Twelve years of lies, twelve years of coming to me after you’d been … with her. Do you know how I had to remember all those out-of-town trips, the telephone conversations we had, knowing now that she was right there with you? I needed so much, Fred, much more than you could give then. I had terrible thoughts. I thought about buying a gun and killing you both. I visualized myself shooting that tramp through those big fake boobs that I probably paid for. Can you imagine the embarrassment and shame I felt at the funeral? In front of all our family and friends, she threw herself on your casket screaming, “Take me with you!” Well, I was all for that but the funeral director said no. "

"We had not been to a live stage performance for a few years when the opportunity came to us to see Dick's play. We were swept up into the emotional relationships with which the actress was setting her kitchen table and then the turn to laughter that rolled over the audience as the twist on stage unfolded. Though only one character is visible, the stage is filled with the life and love and sorrow of a cast spun to life, and death, by a script that is superbly crafted and just plain fun! A challenge for any actress to master but a real treat for the audience to enjoy. Dick has a clever mind and a warm heart and it is evidenced by this truly marvelous work."

Family DIE-alogue by Dick Meredith

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