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The Knitting Club by Sean O'Connor

ISBN #1-60513-177-6
JAC #2012-0033


Two lost soul-mates, Bud and Lou, join a Knitting Club to meet girls. It’s the Club’s Sadie Hawkins Night and the two arrive with needles in hand. Bud, just back from Kandujar and suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress, becomes obsessed with Norma, a distant beauty he spots across the room. Lou, traumatized because a homeless man called him “bald,” spends the evening obsessing by putting on wigs, rubbing “bald crčme” into his head, and seeking constant reinforcement from Bud. Over the course of the evening, Bud is upset and recounts how it’s his birthday and his estranged daughter didn’t call. Lou is devastated by his relationship (or non-relationship) with his ex-girlfriend. The music begins... Norma appears and starts crossing the room. Bud is ready yet terrified to deal with what is to follow. She arrives... but crosses right past the hopeful Bud to the devastated Lou and asks him to dance. Lou looks to Bud. Bud nods sadly, and Lou walks away with the alluring Norma. But all is not lost. Just as Bud picks up his knitting, the door opens and in walks Bud’s daughter. “Happy Birthday, Daddy. I was looking all over for you...” and they walk off into the night. The Knitting Club is a story of faith and friendship, telling how things even infinitely small can be a person’s entire world.

Cast of Characters

  • BUD: About 34. Short, dark hair. Thick carriage. Not enough exercise, too much fatty foods, too much beer, too much lethargy. Kind eyes that carry some hurt. Some recent
    hurt that might take a long time to heal.
  • LOU: About 34, wiry, small, two or three days unshaven, longish, receding hair that’s combed back. He’s not bald. But one day, he might be. His eyes and his movements are lit. Lit up by some old pain he’s never been able to shake off, some pain that now moves through him like a current. Like blood. Beneath his pain, in his ravaged heart, is a lot of love. Like Bud, he’s a lost, but a great guy.
  • DINAH: Bud’s daughter, 14-years-old. A pretty face, might be a little overweight, but radiance blooms from her eyes and her smile.
  • VOICE: The voice of the dance’s host over a loud speaker.

The Setting
The time is now. We are in Orange County, NY at a place called Tuxedo Park.  A side room to an old suburban community meeting area is being used as a dance hall. The dance area is unseen, offstage left, dreamlike, mythic. There is a door and a couple of windows in the back which stare out into a night devoured by rainfall. Two wooden tables, one stage center, one stage right. A couple of wooden chairs beside each table. A coat rack stands against the stage right wall, next to one of the tables. Hanging from the coat rack are a couple of coats, a couple of hats and a bright yellow bonnet. Suspended above everything at center is a banner that reads, “The Knitting Club Proudly Presents Sadie Hawkins Night.” Beneath this writing are two knitting needles, crossed like swords.

Production History
The Knitting Club was nominated by L.A.'s FirstStage Productions for Best New One-Act of 2011. It was first performed by FirstStage Productions in December, 2011 as a staged reading, as part of their Best New One Act Festival. Literary Manager, Dennis Safren. Directed by Pavel Cerny, the cast included Gregor Manns (Bud), Mark Deliman (Lou) and Chauntel Blowden (Dinah).


Nominated by L.A.’s FirstStage Productions for Best New One-Act of 2011


About this Playwright

A recipient of Grants/Fellowships from the Puffin and Ludwig Vogelstein Foundations, the Pilgrim Project and Blue Mountain center, Sean O'Connor received his B.A. from Columbia University. He was a member of NYC’s Circle Rep as a playwright, and teaches a seminar in Dramatic Writing/Performing at NYU every summer. He has acted in dozens of plays in New York and regional theater, portraying leading roles in television's “All My Children” and “Another World,” as well as features in the films “Copy Shop,” “All Fall Down” and “Trust Us.” O'Connor spent two years as head-writer and performer for the cable TV show “3BTV,” and has written and performed several radio commercials. Visit Sean online at writersean.com.

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The Knitting Club by Sean O'Connor

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