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The E.B.F.F. Wants You! by Judith S. Offer

ISBN #1-60513-030-3
JAC #2008-00

The Cast
  • VIRGINIA & VERONICA FLEUR: Elderly sisters who live together in Berkeley, California. Both are energetic and attractive.
  • E. WALTON WEGNER: Founder of the E.B.F.F.


Virginia Fleur has signed up her widowed sister, Veronica, to a dating service—the East Bay Friendship File. When a solicitor comes to the house for the East Bay Feline Friends, the two sisters notice only his organization’s initials and think they are discussing a dating service with him. Confusion abounds after additional discussions are held about different kind of “cats,” exactly who is “homeless,” and a beneficial “neutering program.” In the tradition of mistaken identity in comedy, this play has a happy ending for all.

The Setting

The kitchen of the Fleur home. The year is 1992.

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The E.B.F.F. Wants You! by Judith Offer

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