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The Most Awesome Sleep-Over in the History of the World by Jon Potter

ISBN #1-60513-149-0
JAC #2012-0005

The Cast

  • SANDY: 13. A sophisticate. Her wealthy father is now married to a former model who appeared on Vogue Magazine covers, and lives in Paris. She lives with her unmarried mother and her mother’s boyfriend.

  • KATE: 13. An athlete. She is a soccer player, fast, rough, and skillful. Her ambition is to play on the Varsity team next year in high school. She is driven to win at all costs. 

  • K-2: 13. Her name’s really Kate, but over the years in school with Kate the athlete, she got tagged with K-2: . Everything Kate wants to do, she wants to do also. Unfortunately, she is not as gifted physically. She tries to make up for this by determination.

  • MELISSA: 13. Always wants to be the boss. She’s a prime organizer. Whatever is happening, even if it doesn’t involve her, she jumps into the middle of it and tells everybody what to do. Usually she’s right, which makes her slightly resented some of the time.

  • BETHANY: Just 15, Bethany is sensitive about her age. She was terribly sick when she was supposed to enter kindergarten, and lost a year and a half.

  • LOU: 13. Dreamy and poetic, Lou loves to read. She writes in a secret journal all the time, and won’t let anyone see what she’s written.

  • CATHY: 13. Cathy has a crush on horses. She eats, sleeps, dreams, and talks about horses. Unfortunately, Cathy lives in town with her parents, who cannot afford even to get her riding lessons.

  • MADELINE: 11. Brilliant, but strange. She skipped two grades. No-one pretends to understand her, and she has no friends.


A group of Middle School girls decide to have a sleepover in an unused attic in their school.  As this progresses, they learn a lot about each other and themselves.


The Setting

An unused attic room in the Hiram A. Blessing Middle School.


Jonathan PotterAbout This Playwright

Jonathan Potter was born in Bridgeport, CT, and grew up in New England. Aside from childhood productions of folk and fairy-tales in cooperation with neighborhood children, his first contact with theatre was in high school, where he acted in Shakespeare and Chekhov. He continued working as an actor in college, and briefly joined an independent group for summer stock. After graduate school at Harvard and a summer at the Stratford Institute he began teaching and directing at a variety of small secondary schools, ran a traveling Commedia del’ Arte troupe, and eventually ended up in Maine, where he resides today. Along the way he began writing scripts for his students, community groups, and University players. Many of these have been performed locally, and several regionally. One was produced in New York City. Nine of his plays have been published.


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The Most Awesome Sleep-over... by Jon Potter

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