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Forever Fog by Felix Racelis - a Finalist in Theatre Forty’s One-Act Play Contest!

ISBN #1-933159-73-1
JAC #2006-0023


  • ELEANOR: Attractive older woman in her 50s to early 70s. She is intelligent, outspoken, forceful.

  • ABIGAIL: Eleanor's slightly younger sister, in her 50s to 60s. She is sweet-natured, amiable.

Plot Summary
Eleanor, well-known romance writer, enlists the ghost-writing talents of her sister Abigail on her latest titillating venture. Midway through a work session Eleanor receives a call from her editor informing her of a major change in direction at the publishing house. The two sisters embark on a hilarious rewrite session that takes them from the cold fog of San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf to the dark underbelly of the city’s infamous leather bars, with long-held family secrets unearthed in the process. A great comic vehicle for two mature actresses.

The study of Eleanor’s Beverly Hills abode. Bookcases line the walls. We see a bookcase upstage, as well as the room containing a desk or small table, a chair and a side table. A word processor sits atop a desk which is in the center of the stage. It is early afternoon, the present.

Felix RacelisAuthor Biography
FELIX RACELIS is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter residing in Los Angeles. Over a dozen of his one-act plays have been produced in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. His play Uncommon Threads won First Place in Fire Rose Productions’ First Ten-Minute Play Festival and is included in JAC’s A Quintessential Evening: Five Short Plays by Felix Racelis. His comedy Forever Fog was a finalist in Theatre Forty’s One-Act Play Contest, and is also available through JAC. Felix is an MFA graduate of UCLA’s Film & TV Department and a Nicholl Screenwriting Competition Quarter-Finalist. Felix’s full-length drama As Straw Before the Wind, which explores the Filipino-American experience, won Fifth Place in the Writer’s Digest Playwriting Competition. He is currently working on a new full-length dark comedy, Suicide Interruptus. Felix is a member of Skylight Theatre Company’s PlayLab 2014, FirstStage LA and the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights. Visit Felix's Author Central page on Amazon.com.

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Forever Fog by Felix Racelis

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