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Captive Minds by Lon E. Rogers

ISBN #1-60513-178-4
JAC #2012-0034

Cast of Characters

  • JOSEPH: Age 17, intelligent, a high school senior
  • VALERIE: 40s, Joseph's mother
  • HENRY: 40s, Joseph's father
  • MARGE: Late 60s, mother of Valerie
  • CARLA: Age 17, Joseph's girlfriend and classmate
  • DIRK: age 18, classmate of Joseph and Carla


Discharged from a psychiatric hospital, Joseph, age 17, finds his adjustment at home complicated. His world remains cluttered with nightmares and fears of facing Carla, his long-time girlfriend. Add to that precarious balance a grandmother who joins the family allegedly to help out, but who instead questions the choice of the psychiatrist, the therapy, and the medications. Her religion teaches her that mental illness is the work of Satan; and she tells Joseph that his mind is Satan’s captive—a horror the boy internalizes with disastrous consequences. That setback, plus an imagined betrayal by the girlfriend, throw Joseph into a spiral toward relapse and hospitalization. Captive Minds reminds us that no mind exists as a blank slate. We, like Joseph, carry with us images, concepts and beliefs susceptible to the molding and shaping by others. Imagined or real, these so-called “truths” keep our minds captive and define our sanity.


About this Playwright


LON ROGERS resides in Dallas, Texas. His published credits include a novel, The Between Season, and stage plays, Kierkegaard's Gambit, Evening Star Rising, Second Son, and Losing Daniel, in addition to articles published in the medical literature. The play Captive Minds was a winner of the 2012 Denton Community Theatre Playwriting Festival. Losing Daniel was selected for a staged reading in the Winter Reading Contest by the Texas Dramatists 2008 and won Honorable Mention in the Stage West Playwriting Competition, Fort Worth, Texas 2008. As a teacher of English as a second language, Lon Rogers has written 60 reading lessons, as stories with worksheets, for ESL students. The lessons are combined into two separate PDF files of thirty lessons each. All are offered—free of charge—to all ESL students, teachers and schools. The lessons may be viewed and/or downloaded as PDF files at www.tenplustwenty.com.


Captive Minds by Lon Rogers

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