The Skin Horse by George Romaine



Burned out Chicago ad exec Hal Powers returns home after a year sojourn in Paris, where he went to find himself and his lost youth. He wants to save his dying marriage, the catalyst that drove him to travel. His efforts, however, are thwarted by his wife, Bunny, who is sinking into the depth of mental illness, affected grievously by the recent death of her father. The two clash violently and abrasively, raging with blame and vindictiveness interspersed with anguished reverie about their broken dreams. Hal wants to know why Bunny did not respond to his letters, calls, the recordings he sent from Paris. Enter Bunny's sister Vera who, as it turns out, hid all communications.  Although each of the three renders a cry from the heart, the sisters argue intensely about who did what, and Hal is at a complete loss. It becomes clear that Vera was attempting to sabotage the marriage out of jealousy. When Bunny realizes this, she turns on Vera with a vengeance-- but then realizes that she may have lost all also. She tries desperately to get him back, but her ploys have no affect. Hal decides to leave for good, urging Vera to have Bunny committed. As a final plea for reconciliation, Vera plays a video of Bunny and Hal's wedding party where their deceased brother, Victor, is seen urging their father to tell the story of The Skin Horse. As Vera and Bunny listen to the story, they realize they are alone and only have each other.


Cast of Characters

  • HAL POWERS: 48, a tallish, attractive man with an athletic build somewhat gone to seed.

  • VERA: 58, Bunny's sister, tall and hefty.

  • BUNNY: 46, Hal's wife, tall, striking and attractive, but looking haggard.

  • DADDY*: 70s (Video)

  • VICTOR:* 20s (Video)

  • * Background voices on video.

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