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Synchronicity by Marie Scampini

ISBN #1-933159-75-8
JAC #2006-0025


  • ASIS: A writer/artist/performance artist

Plot Summary

Asis believes there are no coincidences, that people meet each other for a reason - especially her latest love and lust of her life, Michael, a prominent attorney. Asis meets Michael as she is being illegally evicted from her rent-controlled apartment, and Michael has to deal with the sudden death of his father. Synchronicity explores how they significantly impact each other’s lives for the better, even if their love relationship is never meant to be forever.

Author Biography

Marie Scampini is a playwright, screenwriter, published author, and artist.  Winner of the "A.C.T. David Mamet" contest in April, 2005, Martha-wary Martha Loss was performed at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.  She is the co-author of a book on psychotherapy entitled When Someone You Love Is In Therapy, published by Hunter House. She is currently writing the screenplay version of Synchronicity entitled Sync-ing Up. Scampini's thriller/horror screenplay Ghost Game was a Project Greenlight finalist, and her romantic comedy Gates of the Moon was a Disney Fellowship Finalist. Marie is also busy writing more plays including Furry-Winged Angels, chronicling the life-preserving and life-saving impact of her "canine children".

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