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The Ghost in Striped Pajamas by Tommy F. Scott

ISBN #1-60513-004-4


  • JETTY TUNE: 80s; has the look of a faded actress. Bright red hair (courtesy of her stylist) or wig, brightly colored layers of flowing clothing, bangles and bead and way too much make-up for her age. She is full of life, sprightly and endearing in her scatter-brained way.
  • CLYDA BOOSE: 70s. Saucy and strong, Clyda is a force of nature. Like her sister Clara, she can be tough or tender but unlike Clara, she tries to keep at least one foot firmly planted on the ground.
  • CLARA BOOSE: 70s. Giddy and fun but prone to speak her mind, Clara doesn’t mind going out on a limb and taking chances since she knows Clyda is always there to reel her in.
  • ZACK CHANDLER: 10-13. a typically energetic ten year old boy, Zack copes rather well as the only male in a house with his mom and basically four grandmothers. While petted by the residents, it is obvious he respects his mom and listens to her; especially after a little coaxing.
  • MAVIS CHANDLER: Late 30s. Resident manager of the home. Mavis is warm and down to earth, rather bookish, but fully aware of her responsibilities to her son and the retirement home. She has heard excuses from her son and her residents too often to swallow them whole.
  • DELIVERY MAN: Any age. A tired workman, too busy for nonsense.
  • CARL GAFFNEY: 30s. A handsome and endearing “average Joe.” There is nothing at all odd about him other than the fact that he has been dead for fifty years without knowing it.
  • HATTIE PATO: 70s. Hattie is a retired Jamaican fortuneteller and full of love and life. She takes her beliefs seriously but not herself. When not “working” she is charming and friendly. When involved with her spirits she is overly animated. (Her last name is pronounced Pa-TAY-oh)
  • BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (Voice Over): Ben Franklin; Hattie’s spirit guide.
  • VERA GAFFNEY (Voice Over): Carl’s deceased wife.

The ladies of Silver Belles Ladies Home for the Aged are a fun but odd lot. There is Jetty whose life revolves around her daily trips with baked good to the local funeral parlor, Hattie, who enjoys her retirement from her Palm Reading business by making Sunday hats from soda can pull tabs and chatting with her spirit guide (Benjamin Franklin), and sisters Clara and Clyda, who fight over dominos and sip "glitter tea" (straight Scotch in a tea cup.) The ladies are presided over by the house matron Mavis; a woman who works hard taking care of the place and her energetic young son Zack. The arrival of a wardrobe (a bequest from a late resident) throws a wrench into everything when the gang discover that it has a resident: a ghost in striped pajamas who has no idea why he is there or how to leave. Soon it becomes apparent that it is up to this group to break a curse and send the ghost on his happy way but with this band of screwballs it may not be that easy.

The Setting
The sitting room of the Silver Belles Ladies Home for the Aged, Tree Sap, Mississippi. Various chairs, small tables and settees are scattered about the room… the general gathering spot for this small retirement home. The room is a bit cluttered with “stuff”...books, magazines, a tennis racket by the door… but everything has its place.

Author Biography
For over thirty years, Tommy F. Scott has taught, written, performed and directed for educational, community and professional theatres in both the United States and Holland. A former educator and president of the Tennessee Theatre Association, Scott brings to his plays decades of practical experience in producing work for theatres large and small. He shows an awareness of the need for fresh and exciting work, and yet the all too frequent necessity of simple yet effective staging. His published works also include poetry and numerous “how-to” articles on the theatre.

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The Ghost in Striped Pajamas by Tommy Scott

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