A Snowy Night in Iowa by Sylvia Davenport-Veith


The interior of a small train depot in Des Moines, Iowa. April 30, 1945 at 2:00am.  Set in 1945, this is the story of Constance and Vernon, two young African Americans who are both serving in the United States Army. While waiting for their respective trains in a Des Moines, Iowa train station, they interact with Bernard and Hilda Schiebler, two German Jews anxious about family in Hitler's death camps. Tension ensues when a radio, the only source for news, goes silent. Social issues of the day provide a rich background for this memorable love story.

The Cast

  • BERNARD SCHIEBLER: 55. Now an American citizen, this German Jewish man harbors sorrow, worry, and rage as he seeks news of Hitler's demise and the liberation of Nazi concentration camps. He speaks with a German accent.

  • HILDA SCHIEBLER: 53. As Bernard's wife, Hilda understands his outbursts. Even though she is often overcome by her grief, Hilda never abandons hope. She speaks with a German accent.

  • VERNON WALTERS: 25. African American Soldier: He is brilliant, ambitious, and determined to make his way in a racist America. On this night, his secret love for Constance reaches an urgent need to be expressed.

  • CONSTANCE JONES: 23. African American WAC: She is beautiful and full of hope for America's future. Constance believes strongly in "Double Victory," meaning a victory over Hitler can translate into a victory over America's racism. She's a southern girl with strong ties to her family and a goal to teach when she returns to Georgia. Vernon has become her best friend. She is somewhat uncomfortable with his muted overtures. Still, there is something special about him…

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