Even Hitler Wrote a Book by Michael Vukadinovich

Time: The present
Place: A funeral parlor
Setting: A somber room, center stage is a casket with a few rows of chairs behind it.

Even Hitler Wrote a book is a comedy involving three young actors (Nicole, James and Sebastian) who practice their acting skill by giving monologues to actual dead bodies before open-casket funerals. At this particular funeral, they draw a mustache on the corpse (Oscar) with make-up after arguing whether or not he look likes Hitler. When the makeup doesn’t come off and the widow (Susan) enters they are forced to act their way out of the situation. The task becomes increasingly harder as they learn that Susan is Jewish and Oscar’s brother (Meyer), and his daughter (Devin) enter. After a fight over the inheritance money, a discussion on self-circumcision and singing the Oscar Meyer song, Nicole, James and Sebastian all become a larger part of Susan’s life than they ever planned.

Cast of Characters

  • NICOLE: A woman in her early 20s; sensitive and caring
  • SEBASTIAN: Nicole's friend.  A man in his early 20s; analytical; removed; slow; dim-witted
  • JAMES: Nicole's friend.  A man in his early 20s; nervous; tense; lacking confidence
  • SUSAN: A woman in her late 50s; caring; kind; unassuming
  • MEYER: A man in his late 50s; blunt; rude
  • DEVIN: Meyer's daughter.  A teenage girl wearing torn clothes and black make-up; a punk; craves attention


    "Hilarious...delightfully witty and entertaining." - Jean-Marie Venturini, Los Angeles Loyolan

    "Very enjoyable to watch..." - Sarah Romanowski, Los Angeles Loyolan

Even Hitler Wrote a Book by Michael Vukadinovich
ISBN #1-933159-11-1; JAC #2005-0015


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