ROBERT JOSEPH AHOLA is an author, playwright, producer and director who lives in Malibu, California. As CEO of Galahad Films, he has written and produced over 300 films, commercials and documentaries for television, satellite, and private distribution. He has scripted ten screenplays, including GODWIN, WORLD CLASS/The Jerry Quarry Story, Billingsgate, An Accident of Birth and One Hour of Madness and Joy based on Walt Whitman's The Leaves of Grass. An environmentalist and animal rights activist, Ahola is an author/co-author of thirteen published books including The Silent Healer (now in its fifth edition), Delusion is Good, I, Dragon and The Return of the Hummingbird Wizard.

Robert has also authored a number of published or produced plays, including Dr. Max Love, The Year of the Tiger, HIGH TEA/With His Excellency, Judas Agonistes, The Last Othello, The Ghost and Josh Gibson, A Meerkat Christmas, The Decline and Fall of Us All, SCOREKEEPER and Pavlov's Cats.

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  The Decline and Fall of Us All Scorekeeper Narcissus: The Last Days of Lord Byron by Robert Joseph Ahola
  A Meerkat Christmas High Tea With His Excellency Dr. Max Love Finding the Greater Fool by Robert Joseph Ahola The Ghost and Josh Gibson
  The Last Othello Death By Helium by Robert Joseph Ahola      

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