The Fiddler's Bride by Olivia Arieti
An Adaptation of J & W Grimm’s “King Thrushbeard.”

Princess Florabel is so haughty and silly that she mocks all suitors and refuses their proposals. When King Thrushbeard comes along disguised as a poor fiddler, her father, with the hope to teach the princess humility and respect, orders her to marry the beggar. 

Cast of Characters

  • The King

  • Princess Florabel

  • King Thrushbeard (A beard grows from his chin.)

  • Fiddler

  • Suitor 1 (Fat.)

  • Suitor 2 (Thin.)

  • Suitor 3 (Short.)

  • Suitor 4 (Pale.)

  • Suitor 5 (Red hair.)

  • Suitor 6 (Crooked.)

  • Cook

  • Servants

The stage. A big chair/throne, a table. Backdrops may suggest the changing of the setting. 

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