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JINX by Jim Arnold

ISBN #1-933159-43-X
JAC #2005-0039



  • JOHN: Computer programmer. Mid-20s. Unremarkable in appearance, dressed in business-casual. Somewhat loud and brash.

  • SUSAN: Programmer. Mid-20s. Seems trendy, self-confident.

  • JERRY: Programmer. Early-20s. Small, pudgy, nerdy-cute.

  • MR. WINKLER: Manager of office. 50s. Overweight and balding. Over-worked, bossy.

  • RACHEL: Programmer. Mid-20s. Unremarkable in appearance and personality.

  • CRAIG: Programmer. Mid-20s. Unremarkable in appearance and personality, dressed in business-casual.

    THE TWO WOMEN: Includes Susan and Rachel.
    THE FOUR: Includes Susan, Rachel, John and Craig.


JINX explores the possible effects -- some comedic, some dramatic -- of extremely improbable coincidences (whatever the cause) on the psychology of a small group of co-workers

JINX: A Short Play by Jim Arnold

Individual Script Price: $7.50; Performance/Royalties:  $40/Performance Pack (9 scripts) + $25/performance royalty

To purchase more than one script, a script package, or to request performance rights, please call (781) 272-2066.

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