The Miller's Daughter adapted by Chantal Bilodeau,
based on "The Girl Without Hands" by the Brothers Grimm


This play was originally published as part of the Grimm compilation The Real Stories of the Brothers Grimm (2008), edited by George Larkin.  This play is available for performance independently or as part of this collection as a whole.  

A miller is offered wealth by the devil in exchange for what stands behind his mill. Thinking it is an apple tree, the miller agrees to the trade only to discover he has surrendered his daughter. But when the devil comes to claim his prize, the daughter has kept so clean that he is unable to take her. Even after he forces the father to chop off the girl’s hands, her tears keep her clean and he still cannot take her. Free but bereft, the daughter sets out into the world and meets a king who falls in love with her. After the king is called to war, the new queen gives birth to a son. The devil reappears and, pretending to bring a letter from the king, demands that the queen be killed. The queen manages to escape. When the king returns and discovers that his wife and son are gone, he sets out to find them and for seven years, searches without rest. Then one day, an angel reunites them. His wife and son are safe and God has returned the queen’s natural hands.


Cast of Characters




  • KING

  • CHORUS LEADER: (woman)

  • CHORUS (woman) / Miller's Wife / Angel / King's Mother

  • CHORUS (man) / Apple Tree / Pear Tree / Guard

NOTE: The chorus is used to create the environment— including all the sounds— around the characters. Except for the Daughter, when characters are not in a scene, they should join the chorus.



~20 minutes



The Miller's Daughter, adapted by Chantal Bilodeau
ISBN #1-60513-185-7; JAC #2008-0026a


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