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Jingling Through the Holidays by Mary Burkin

ISBN #1-933159-72-3
JAC #2006-0022




    • The machine message itself

    • Nora's Mother

    • Doctor Bronson

    • Pastor Gloria

    • A Computerized Recording

    • Margie

    • A Real Estate Agent

    • Steve

    • Stephanie


A woman's lonely life unfolds with every telephone message left for her one Christmas Eve.


The Setting

A room full of packing boxes. There is a Christmas Tree with a few presents beneath.


maryburkin-1a.jpg (158692 bytes)Author Biography

Mary Burkin is a writer/actor/director/lawyer, as well as an experienced movie and theatre critic. Mary has researched, written and performed several one-woman shows, including SUSAN B. ANTHONY: FIFTY YEARS; the VICTORIA WOODHULL SHOW; DAME SHIRLEY OF THE GOLDFIELDS; JANE AUSTEN AT TEA; and CLARA BARTON, THE COURAGE OF ANGELS. Mary holds a B.A. in Drama from U.S.C., and M.A. in Theatre from C.S.U.L.B. and a Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School. She currently lives with her family in California.

Jingling Through the Holidays by Mary Burkin

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