It's Not on the Test by Carla Charter


A story about a gifted child with learning disabilities who must deal with the way others think, disorganization, bullying and the dreaded standardized tests.

Cast of Characters
: A twice exceptional student despite learning disabilities; also gifted in art. 
MRS. STREETER: Marcus' English teacher
MR. KNAPP: Marcus' Math teacher
MR. HOWARD: Marcus' Science teacher
BECKY & ASHLEY: Girls on the playground
JONAS: Boy on the playground
RACHEL: Girl at the Locker
LUKE: Boy whispering in the classroom.

The Setting
The stage is divided into three sections: The middle section is a classroom; stage right is a playground with a tree with leaves, basketball hoop and bench; stage left is a hallway with lockers.

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It's Not on the Test by Carla Charter
ISBN #1-60513-164-4; JAC #2012-0020

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