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Kiss Me Nate by Jim Doyle

ISBN #1-933159-60-X
JAC #2006-0010


  • ROBERTO: In his early 20s, handsome, flamboyant and slightly effeminate. He speaks mostly with an air of blitheness and humor. He is playing the part of Miguel.
  • NATE: In his early 20s, handsome, masculine, and apparently heterosexual. He is playing the part of George.
  • RANDOLPH: In his early 40s


Kiss Me Nate is a play-within-a-play. The entire play takes place during a rehearsal of a play. The audience doesn't realize this until the Director (Randolph) jumps up from the first row of the audience and interrupts the dialogue. The story is about sexual identity, and the hazards of being an actor in New York and having to play roles that may not fit ones actual personality.

The Setting

The action takes place during a rehearsal of a play set in a café on Santa Monica Boulevard—a cafe table with two chairs

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