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Love Me or Leash Me by Jim Doyle

ISBN #1-933159-51-0
JAC #2006-0001


  • HELEN: A housewife and mother who is determined to maintain the illusion that everything is perfectly fine.
  • ARCHIE: Helen’s husband of 21 years.
  • RONALD: Helen and Archie’s son. A large, well-built young man.
  • SIR: Ronald’s lover and master. Short and small.

Plot Summary

Ronald is bringing his new boyfriend home to meet his up tight Mom and Dad. Sir, Ronald’s lover and master, enters leading Ronald in by his collar… dog collar, that is. Ronald’s parents, Helen and Archie, are somewhat surprised by their son’s choice of partners, but try to be civil and accepting. The conversation gets a bit strained and the situation a bit hilarious (not to mention Mom getting a bit intoxicated), but in the end, everyone learns exactly who they are and what they’re all about—and that’s okay.

The Setting

The action takes place on a winter evening in Connecticut, in the living room of Helen and Archie’s home.

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