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Lettuce Spray by Jim Doyle

ISBN #1-933159-99-5
JAC #2007-001


  • MRS. PRIMROSE: A retired actress living in Florida, trying to fit in.
  • DAVID: Mrs. Primrose’s son. He is a flamboyantly dressed fashion designer from New York, visiting his mother.

Plot Summary

It is a hot summer's day and Mrs. Primrose's son, David, has come from New York for a visit. Against his better judgement, he joins her for Sunday Mass at his mother's parish. Through clenched teeth, the two bicker back and forth until the two see eye to eye... at least to each other, anyway.

The Setting

The play takes place in a church, on a Sunday morning as services are about to begin. The church can be represented by a pew, with perhaps a stained glass window in the background.

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Lettuce Spray

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