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Medea-Life-Crisis by Jim Doyle

ISBN #1-60513-0002
JAC #2007-001


  • MALCOLM: A very gay male nurse, on roller blades.
  • MEDEA: A New York drag queen with a strong Brooklyn accent.  Everyone else, except Aegeus, has Texas drawls. She chain smokes throughout the play, has very large hair, unkempt and rather wild looking, and is wearing an old bathrobe.  Clearly past her prime.
  • GREEK CHORUS: Three ladies doing their nails under hair dryers.  They are pushed onto the set on a cart labeled "Greek Chorus"
  • KING CREOLE: Manager of the Trailer Park.  Enters in a wheelchair eating a bag of fried chicken and fries.
  • JASON: That smooth cad. He is pushed on and offstage on a handcart. He wears tight pants, a muscle shirt and a cowboy hat.
  • AEGEUS: A used-car salesman from California. Enters carrying a cardboard cut-out Cadillac.
  • BARBIENIA and KENDOLL: (Puppets, Children of Medea.)
  • STAGEHAND: Dressed in black.


Simply put… Euripedes classic play, a la white trash.

The Setting

The action takes place in Medea Park, a trailer park in Corinth, Texas, on the steps of Medea’s Winnebago. Entrances and exits will be accomplished by various wheeled vehicles, the actors being carried on and off the stage by stagehands wearing black.

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