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The Flounder adapted by Padraic Duffy from the story of the same name by the Brothers Grimm

ISBN #1-60513-196-2
JAC #2008-0008g

This play was originally published as part of the Grimm compilation The Real Stories of the Brothers Grimm (2008), edited by George Larkin.  This play is available for performance independently or as part of this collection as a whole.  

Cast of Characters
  • PIKE: a cool, slim stoner with attitude
  • HERRING: the eager kid
  • GUDGEON: the fat oaf
  • PERCH: a little meek girl
  • CARP: Perch’s brassy mother
  • FLOUNDER: the loud-mouthed angst-ridden loser

For a long time the fish in the sea had been unhappy because there was no order in their kingdom. Fish did not give each other any leeway; each swam right and left, whatever he felt like. Some swam in between those who wanted to swim together. Others blocked the path and the stronger fish gave the weaker ones a slap with their tails, hurling them long distances. Or even worse, the bigger fish devoured the smaller ones. In The Flounder, six fish get together to sort things out.

About This Playwright
As a playwright, PADRAIC DUFFY has worked at theaters throughout L.A., including The Met Theater, The Echo Theater Co., Sacred Fools Theater Co., Theater of Note, Cypress College, The Road Theatre, and Ensemble Studio Theatre LA. His full-length plays include The Illustrious Birth of Padraic T. Duffy, Feet, The Mechanical Rabbit, Tell the Bees, Something is Hidden Inside the Couch, Past Time, Beaverquest! The Musical!, Puzzler, and Copy, which received its world premiere at Theatre of N.O.T.E in May 2012. He is a proud member of the Playwright’s Union and The Sacred Fools Theater Company, serving as the Managing Director of the latter.  Visit him online at www.padraicduffy.com!

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The Flounder, as adapted by Padraic Duffy

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