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The Memory Book by Jack Dyville

ISBN #1-60513-169-5;
JAC #2012-0025


  • JOHN: A 65-year-old gray-haired gentleman, very youthful and astute for his age. He is a former dancer-actor-singer but is now a little over-weight. He is obviously gay and still quite the perfectionist – wanting things always to be his way. As we learn, he is thought of as a ‘whiner’ and ‘sappy sentimentalist’... which we will see, he is! He is living in the past and dearly hangs on to the memories of his best friend of many years, Joseph, who was a pioneer victim lost to AIDS. His anger shows throughout for the circumstances surrounding the death of his friend. He is the shorter of the two men.
  • JOSEPH: The taller of the two, a thin Italian man in his late thirties to early forties. He too was a dancer-actor-singer from New Orleans. He is quick-witted and openly gay, as well. He enjoys the memories of his best friend, John once he is convinced to relax and enjoy them. However, he is on a mission this particular day. Since we learn he is deceased, the audience will need to decide if he is merely a figment of John’s imagination

Playwright’s Note: At no time during the action should Joseph ever touch John, nor should he actually hold the Book, remembering that he appears in ghost form. He IS directed to finally embrace him during the final lines.

Jack DyvilleSynopsis

Alone in Washington Square Park, John sits with his “Memory Book,” remembering his best friend, Joseph, a pioneer victim lost to AIDS. John cherishing the memories of their show business careers, their lives and good times together, fulfills the promise they made of spending their older years being able to reminisce here rather than at the Old Actors Home. Today, Joseph is there in the park – on the bench – with John for the first time and together they re-live two lives intertwined with a passion for living! Why is Joseph there today, after all these years? Not just another ‘AIDS play,’ The Memory Book is a poignant, heart-warming play which steps into the realm of fantasy, friendship and love; told against a backdrop of laughter and tears!


About this Playwright

JACK DYVILLE has been called a 'Jack-of-All-Theatrical Trades' having worked professionally as a Dancer-Actor-Singer-Director-Choreographer-Teacher-Producer-Company Manager-PR Director-Stage Manager and PLAYWRIGHT! A member of DRAMATIST GUILD, he holds a B.A. degree in Journalism & Speech-Drama from Texas Wesleyan University and an MFA in Directing from Texas Christian University with additional graduate credits from United States International University in Choreography.

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The Memory Book by Jack Dyville

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