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The Minstrel Boy by Christine Emmert

ISBN #1-933159-33-2


  • MEGAN: A woman in her late 50s but looking older.
  • DEIRDRE: Megan's daughter-in-law. She is pregnant.


It is the night after James' funeral. Megan is confronted by Deirdre, James' wife and Megan's daughter-in-law. As they talk we learn that James died in prison in a hunger strike. Deirdre left him some months before after growing tired of his terrorist activities. She talks of her love for James, their troubled life growing up amidst the fighting between the Irish and the English. Megan wants the baby to follow in Jamesí footsteps, revealing that though in the end James requested food and his wife, Megan never spoke out, allowing her son to die. Megan  now questions what she did for the Cause, for James, or for herself.

The Setting

A late night. The parlor of a home in Belfast, 1980. It is late evening. Black bunting hangs over pictures and the windows.

headshot_2.jpg (91361 bytes)Author Biography
Christine is a playwright whose work has been published and performed in three countries. She won the Rocky Mountain Theatre Association Award in 1990 for her piece, SEBASTIEN'S SUCCULENTS. Living in Pennsylvania presently with her husband, Richard, Christine also has published poetry, essays, short fiction and is about to have her first novel, ISMENE, released in 2006. Her play, THE JUDAS KISS, was adapted into a film of the same name by Invictus Films. She also has a career as an actress and director.

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