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Cold Feet by Philana Gnatowski

ISBN #1-933159-71-5


Cast of Characters

  • MIRIAM: A woman in her late 20s. She is about to get married.

  • MACKENZIE: Miriam's younger sister and Maid of Honor, also in her 20s.


What do you do if you're having second thoughts? For Miriam, a successful lawyer who has always prided herself in doing the right thing, she can't help but wonder if getting married is, in fact, the right decision. Cold Feet takes place on Miriam's wedding day, moments before the ceremony is about to begin. She is panic stricken and flees to the confines of the dressing parlor. Just as she begins to calm herself, her sister Mackenzie breezes into the room and forces a confrontation that leads to the discovery of a secret that Miriam has been hiding her entire life. Mackenzie, the rebel sister with a softer side, helps Miriam through her time of crisis. But for Miriam, the question remains: is this just a little cold feet or something else?

WINNER of the 2006 "Charlie" Award in Acme Theater Productions' New Works Play Festival (Maynard, MA)

The Setting

The back parlor room of a church, where the bride dresses before her wedding, is empty save the cozy antique furniture, a table with an ostentatious flower arrangement on top, and a miniature statue of Jesus Christ that sits atop a small pedestal hanging from the wall.

Try pairing this play with Philana's Patrick & Gwen!

About this Playwright
PHILANA MIA GNATOWSKI has written and published two award-winning plays with JAC Publishing and Promotions: COLD FEET (Acme Theatre, Audience Choice 2006) and PATRICK AND GWEN (Acme Theatre, Audience Choice 2007).  Other locally produced plays include: THE WAITING ROOM (Acme Theatre, Audience Choice 2005), FAIRY TALES AT THE SUBWAY STATION, THE ERROR PROOF TEST, and THE HALFWAY HOUSE CLUB.  Her play PROJECT: IDENTITY was a collaboration with the workshop at the Williamstown Theatre Festival and was later produced at Bates College.  Philana received her BA in writing and literature from Emerson College.

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Cold Feet by Philana Gnatowski

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