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SCRAPS by Chris Hare

ISBN #1-60513-032-X
JAC #2009-00


  • GISELLE: 30ish, insecure, relationship-saboteur

  • JORDAN: 30ish, pragmatic, accommodating-to-a-fault

The Setting

Giselle & Jordan's living room.

Plot Summary

Jordan and Giselle are a thirty-something couple at the brink of their five-year wedding anniversary. On New Year’s Eve, Giselle springs a request on Jordan that gives him pause: She wants them to admit the lies they’ve told each other over their years together.
Reminding Giselle of her tendency for relationship sabotage, Jordan, the always-accommodating type, goes along with some ground rules:

  • Rule #1: They must each take one minute in private to write down the lies they can remember telling, and put them in a glass bowl.

  • Rule #2: They must say one sentence about why they lied—no questions allowed.

  • Rule #3: After each lie is admitted, they must kiss and hug—no matter how painful the lie.

On the eve of their anniversary, Jordan puts his lies in the bowl. Giselle peeks and quietly fumes as she puts hers in. On their big day, Jordan reads his lies, and Giselle explodes. After Giselle’s emotions reach a fevered pitch, Jordan admits he made his lies up so she can feel the pain of her sabotages. Jordan then reads Giselle’s lies, which reveal a harsh truth: She wants a divorce. Jordan gives Giselle the requisite kiss and hugs and then leaves.

Author Biography

Award-winning playwright Chris Hare is the author of six plays and four screenplays. In 2005, she won first prize at the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights Monologue Slam. In 2003-2004, she wrote and directed two plays for the Moorpark College Original 1-Acts series. Also a published author, Chris penned humor columns for the Ventura County Star newspaper and is a featured columnist in the upcoming book, Hungry? Los Angeles Family: The Lowdown on Where the Real People Eat.  Her memberships include the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights, L.A. Stage Alliance, and the American Association of Community Theatre.  Chris resides in Ventura County with the three loves of her life: her husband and twin sons.

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SCRAPS by Chris Hare

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