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Guilty by David Kruh

ISBN #1-933159-14-6


  • CHARLOTTE: Attractive young woman whose eyes sparkle with the hope of a long-term relationship
  • BENJAMIN: Attractive, nervous young man who looks as if he is trying to get away from a bank job.
  • MALE COP: Generic, no-nonsense upholder of the law
  • FEMALE COP: Equally generic, no-nonsense officer of the law

Plot Summary

An upscale restaurant. A table set romantically for two. Benjamin is has taken his girlfriend Charlotte to a fancy restaurant and is about to giver her the old “it’s not you, it’s me” dump line. But this is a different world, one in which there are rules for everything – even love. And Benjamin is about to find out that you can’t hide from either the law or love.

Author Biography
David Kruh has worked at various times - and with varying degrees of success - as a disc jockey, writer, computer programmer, radio producer, radio engineer, teacher, advertising copywriter, spokesperson for Boston’s Big Dig highway project, while performing stand-up and acting in a number of local productions including Curley: The Musical, The Dining Room, and Late Night Catechism. He is currently employed as a Marketing Communications Manager for Analog Devices in Wilmington, MA. 

In 2001 The Curse of the Bambino (now The Curse is Reversed) premiered at the Lyric Stage Company of Boston, and eventually broke all the box office and attendance records for the theatre during its six week run. The Riverbank Code, a drama for the stage which is based on the true story of the people who in 1916 proved in court that Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeare, was published by Eldridge Publishing in 2003.  A number of his short plays have been produced and published over the past few years, as well. 

David collaborated, with Arnie Reisman, on PONZI!, a film script about the infamous Boston swindler who, coincidentally, operated at the exact same time that Harry Frazee sold Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees. (PONZI! placed in the quarter finals of the 2001 Scriptapalooza Screen Writers competition.) 

David's most recent work is a novel and screenplay titled Be Careful What You Wish For..., a fantasy in the truest sense of the word, as it is about the year the Red Sox finally win the World Series and how that affects the lives of several Bostonians.   David is also a published author whose most recent book, Scollay Square (Arcadia Publishing, 2004) is his second effort to document the history of Boston’s erstwhile entertainment district. Building Route 128 (Arcadia Publishing, 200) a look at the history of this influential road surrounding Boston, was co-authored by Yanni Tsipis. His first book, Always Something Doing, Boston's Infamous Scollay Square, had a second edition published by Northeastern University Press in 1999.

David is also the co-author, with his father Louis, of Presidential Landmarks (Hippocrene Press, 1992). David's columns have appeared in a number of publications including the Boston Globe and Boston Herald, and he has also worked as a freelance writer for Boston Magazine and Yankee Magazine. David was also a staff writer for The Movie Loft, which appeared on Boston’s UPN affiliate, WSBK-TV.

In the News
2/7/12 - Playwrights Steven Bergman and David Kruh have new published stories in the now released anthology, "Final Fenway Fiction: More Short Stories from Red Sox Nation." Check them out at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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