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Tour of Duty by Gene Lesser

ISBN #1-60513-056-7
JAC #200


Cast of Characters (7M/2W)

  • MITZ: An Army Corporal, 19– to 23-years old

  • JULIE: An Army soldier, 19– to 23-years old

  • HARRY: A Private First Class (PFC), 19– to 23-years old

  • SARGE: An Army soldier, 19– to 23-years old

  • BENGI: An Army soldier, 19– to 23-years old

  • ALEX: An Army soldier, 19– to 23-years old

  • TREVOR: An Army Captain

  • PELOWSKY: An Army First Lieutenant

  • The RAPER:


Tour of Duty is the story of how one female soldier’s rape case was treated by the Army.  This play runs approximately 15-20 minutes.


The Setting

Left to the discretion of the director.


About this Playwright


GENE LESSER has written some two dozen television scripts. To support his survival while writing he also served as a commodities broker, a Certified Financial Planner, and as a registered principal for an investment company. He has been a magazine photographer, an agent as well as a personal manager for several notable performers, writers, producers and directors. In addition, he has been a publicist and ran his own major PR firm in Hollywood. In the hours between he writes plays. He is graduate of Goddard College, VT, and a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, Inc., the Alliance Of Los Angeles Playwrights (ALAP) and of Theatre 40 in Beverly Hills, CA. Visit Gene online at www.GeneLesser.com.

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Tour of Duty

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