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Late Reunion by Aaron Leventman


ISBN #1-933159-31-6


Late Reunion was the winner of the Audience Award at Theatre Liminia's Summer Shorts Festival 2004 in Minneapolis (MN)



  • JEFFREY WEISSBERG: Smooth-talking but insincere thirty-something

  • RONA GOLDSTEIN: Strong willed but needy thirty-something

The Setting

New York City and Nebraska



Jeffrey, a Wall Street couch potato, receives a call from an old high school friend; Rona, a chatty trust fund baby, who claims to have dated him when they were teenagers. He can’t seem to remember her but pretends to anyway. Now, she seems to call him at all hours to reminisce about the good ole days that Jeffrey is barely convinced even occurred. Only after Rona decides to pay Jeffrey a visit for an unlimited stay does he have to admit that he has no idea who she is and refuses her self-invited request. Rona, only temporarily defeated, calls another supposedly, long lost friend from a different yearbook under a different name. This is her modus operandi, to live from person to person in invented relationships.


ALeventman.jpg (235619 bytes)About this Playwright
Aaron started his involvement in theatre at age 8 when he was a member of the children’s theatre group The Freelance Players in Boston for 3 years. While acting throughout high school and college, he directed productions of
The Diary of Anne Frank and ‘night Mother, then received a B.A. from the University of California at Santa Cruz in theatre arts where his plays Blue Funk and The Waiting Room were produced locally. Aaron received a B.A. from the University of California at Santa Cruz in theatre arts where he acted in productions of An Evening of Brecht, Ionseco’s The Bald Soprano, and Pinter’s The Lover. His plays Blue Funk and The Waiting Room were then also produced locally. He then received an M.F.A. from Columbia University in screenwriting where his thesis screenplay Strange Possession was given a professional reading at the Union Square Theater in Manhattan. Aaron lived in Massachusetts recently where he was a member of the Provincetown Theatre Company. Directing credits for the PTC include The Bald Soprano, Blown Sideways Through Life, Mosquitoes, Seeing to Details, and his own play Job From Hell. Writing credits for the PTC include Love is Blind (also performed at the Edward Albee Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez, Alaska), and The Poseur Theory. Acting credits for the PTC include The Wizard of Oz and Cabaret. He currently resides in Santa Fe where he recently played Rosencrantz in a production of a new play Ophelia, as Dale in David Mamet’s Lakeboat, and as Saul Kimmer in Sam Shepard’s True West.

Late Reunion by Aaron Leventman

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