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The War of Virginia and Alabama by Dawson Moore

ISBN #1-60513-174-1
JAC #2012-0030


Cast of Characters

  • VIRGINIA: Southern. In tenuous charge of the homestead. Somewhat sad, somewhat vindictive. Talks to the audience.

  • DONALD: Southern. The nervous but determined brother of Virginia. Talks to the audience.

  • MISSY SUE: Also Southern, but from the other side of the tracks. Donaldís girlfriend.


Wildly dysfunctional brother and sister Virginia and Donald are at odds. Donald loves Missy Sue and hopes to marry her. Virginia will have none of it and takes matters into her own hands.


The present. The spacious entry hall to Virginia and Donaldís home. Essentially a living room with typical furniture. There is an entrance from the outside, upstage center. All the exits and entrances to the rest of the house come from random parts of the stage, with no consistency. The play takes place in a mythical, gentile South.

About this Playwright
Dawson Moore
works for Prince William Sound Community College as the Coordinator of the Last Frontier Theatre Conference and the head of their Playwriting AFA program. His own plays have been produced across the country and Bologna, Italy. He has won national awards for his short comedies Bile in the Afterlife, In a Red Sea, The Peach, The Bus, Burning, The Fears of Harold Shivvers, and Domestic Companion. He is the Co-Founding Artistic Director of San Franciscoís Three Wise Monkeys Theatre Company and one of four members of Three Wise Moose in Anchorage, Alaska, where they produce the Alaska Overnighters and the Donít Blink One-Page Play Festival with TBA Theatre Company. Visit him online at www.dawsonmoore.com.

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The War of Virginia and Alabama by Dawson Moore

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