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The Test by Jonathan Potter

ISBN #1-60513-095-8
JAC #2010-0036

The Cast

  • PAM: 18. A bright, conventional young woman of 18. She is neatly and conservatively dressed in a nice blouse and jeans.

  • ZACH: 18. A handsome but scruffy young man, also 18. A former boyfriend of Pam’s.


The Test is set in the near future, when a single academic test will determine your life. Pam, 18, is waiting to take the test, which, when passed, will allow her to pursue a “Class One” career. She is joined by Zach, a rebellious former boyfriend. During their wait, Zach attempts to persuade her to run off with him instead of taking the test. Every attempt, including a huge financial bribe, is rejected. Ultimately Pam enters the test center. After a mental and emotional struggle, Zach follows.


The Setting

The present. An anteroom, white, brightly lit, shadowless. There is a wooden bench along one wall. No windows, tables, magazines. A harsh atmosphere, over all. An entrance door, plain. A door leading to the testing room, with an institutional “Test Center” sign. Over this door, a red bulb which comes on when the door is opened.

Jonathan PotterAbout This Playwright

Jonathan Potter was born in Bridgeport, CT, and grew up in New England. Aside from childhood productions of folk and fairy-tales in cooperation with neighborhood children, his first contact with theatre was in high school, where he acted in Shakespeare and Chekhov. He continued working as an actor in college, and briefly joined an independent group for summer stock. After graduate school at Harvard and a summer at the Stratford Institute he began teaching and directing at a variety of small secondary schools, ran a traveling Commedia del’ Arte troupe, and eventually ended up in Maine, where he resides today. Along the way he began writing scripts for his students, community groups, and University players. Many of these have been performed locally, and several regionally. One was produced in New York City. Nine of his plays have been published.



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The Test by Jonathan Potter

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