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Reserved by Kellie Powell

ISBN #1-60513-052-4
JAC #2009-00


  • NICOLE: A very shy English major. A junior in college. Lives with Maggie. Has had a crush on Joel since freshman year, but has been too nervous to talk to him.
  • MAGGIE: Nicole's far more outgoing roommate. Shameless. Hosts “Shoebox Theatre,” a chaotic open mic night.
  • BARTLETT: An attractive professor in his 30's. He teaches Human Sexuality.
  • JOEL: A shy, sensitive junior in college. Sweet and affectionate.
  • SHADY DOCTOR: A very peculiar man who is running Experiment Yellow Fish.


A brief and ribald college comedy about Nicole, a shy student who, after participating in a psychology experiment for extra credit, suddenly becomes the polar opposite of her former self. In fact, Nicole puts her exhibitionist roommate, Maggie, to shame. Nicole even finds the courage to approach Joel, the guy she's had a crush on since freshman year. But Maggie is worried. What’s with Nicole’s sudden and extreme transformation? And more importantly, what will happen if she changes back to her former self?


Author Biography
has written more than twenty plays, many of which are available for purchase from These Aren't My Shoes Productions. Her plays have been produced by Love Creek Productions, The Know Theatre, Art International Radio, The Illinois State University Free Stage Festival, The Penny Dreadful Players, Studio Z, and Hinman Production Company. For more information about Kellie Powell, visit www.notmyshoes.net.



Thanksgiving in The Wilderness by hallie milleron
I enjoyed reading the play, I could really relate to the characters and what they are going through because of the way society is today, with people not wanting to get married and instead just sleep around. I am glad someone could see this and make a story not about fairy tales and magic love lives but about the truth!

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