The Morning Bird Sings by Craig Spaner


Have you ever looked at the world through the eyes of a child? As we meet Jake and Bill, we come to view what the power of a true friendship really entails. It's a witty romp through the pages of literature, operetta, friendship, and food. The play takes place in Jake and Bill's backyard. There is a wooden boat (which can be either real or implied). The play discusses Jake and Bill's views on food, on the world and literature, and most importantly - on friendship. It is a character play focusing on the relationship of Jake and Bill to each other and to the world around them. There is a slight twist at the end of the play that puts everything into a different perspective.



  • JAKE/JACKIE*: Any age

  • BILL/BETH*: Any age

  • VOICE: Female, any age

    * Characters may be adjusted to either gender to suit casting needs

The Morning Bird Sings by Craig Spaner

ISBN #1-60513-153-9; JAC #2012-0009


$25/performance royalty

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