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The Color of Coalsmoke by Timothy D. Starnes

ISBN #1-60513-250-0
JAC #2014-0002

Cast of Characters

LORD METROHOUSE: The owner and mayor of Coalsmoke. A dandy. An airy, aristocratic voice that laughs often and takes pride in showing off with flourishes.
VALETINE: Manservant and administrative assistant to Lord Methrohouse.
Silent and emotionless other than the emotional range of his voice.
LADY DEBAUCHEE: Wife to Lord Metrohouse. A drunkard that spends most of her time trying to get into local theatre circles and buying clothes. She is drunk consistently.
MRS. FITZBURN: Council member, head of public utilities. A soulless character with little warmth.
MRS. GUARDLOVE: Council member, head of public safety. Overly cautious and on edge constantly.
MR. DEZINE: Council member, head of engineering. Has a loud woman-like scream.
PROTESTORS: A mixed group of 5-30, may be any age, gender, or ethnicity.



Coalsmoke is fuming, and not in a pun on it's namesake. Mayor Metrohouse is in hot water, and it isn't from the heat. Coalsmoke is on the edge of revolution, and it is being felt in the mayor's office. Meet Metrohouse, his drunken wife the Lady Debauchee, and ingenious valet and butler, Valetine. Valetine, being the centerpiece of all good ideas for Metrohouse, who isn't the brightest diamond int the jewelry box, decides upon what must be done. In order to survive, to save his own head along with mayor Metrohouse and his wife, there must be murder. Who are they going to go after? The three city council members. Luckily enough, they are all coming in today for appointments. It is bound to be a deathly good time in this short dark comedy. Run Time: 20 minutes.


About this Playwright

TIMOTHY D. STARNES is originally from the small town of Waxhaw (NC), a place consisting of aging train tracks and a few overpriced antique stores, and now resides in the bustling city of Charlotte (NC) in order to pursue his college education, where he studies Political Science and Criminal Justice in order to go on to law school. His plays have been featured internationally in Scene 4, a monthly arts and culture e-magazine by the Aviar Center for Preforming Arts, and have seen performances at events including the 24/7 Play Festival at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He is currently writing new works during every moment of his spare time, an oversized martini glass of sweet tea in one hand and typing with the other. His works are best described as "realistic characters in impossible situations." He draws inspiration from real life; scalping stories from his closest friends, family and even his own life experiences, turning them into pieces of art one stage direction at a time. Having studied endless books on history and having watched more period dramas than would be considered advisable by the Department of Health, this research has allowed him to explore history through different colored lenses in his work. His theatrical series, the "Empire" series, based on post-Civil War America in an alternate universe setting is currently being written, with more plays being added to the series as time goes on. His personal knack for the odd, outrageous and macabre also shines through in his work, spicing scripts with odd occurrences, invasive visitors from outer space, drag queens, the mishaps of suburbia, small town politics, underground societies, hand puppets with PTSD, hauntings and more.

The Color of Coalsmoke by Timothy D. Starnes

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