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Population Growth by Aoise Stratford


ISBN #1-60513-060-5
JAC #20


Cast of Characters

  • DONNA: 30s; Pretty and bright, but lonely. Used to getting her own way.

  • SIMON: 30s; Nice, but not exactly awe-inspiring on first inspection.

  • MALCOLM: 30s; Simon’s brother. A charmer; very confident. Hasn’t found the right girl.

  • CHARLOTTE: 30s; Donna’s best friend. Has grown up in her shadow.


Donna, book-smart but life-stupid, tricks her friend Charlotte into going on a blind double date in order to try and reconnect with her old flame, Malcolm. But in this comedy of errors and manners, things go wrong from the outset. When the other ‘blind’ date turns out to be Malcolm’s brother, Donna has to rethink her views on human relationships, population growth and our chances of finding love.


The Setting

A café / bar. Evening. The present.

This is a very low tech piece that can be performed site specific or outdoors. No tech elements are vital. A table and two chairs and some glasses are need for staging. Estimated running time: 25-30 minutes.


Author Biography

AOISE STRATFORD has won several awards including the Hudson River Classics New Play Award (2005), the Yukon Pacific Playwright Award (2001), the Lakeshore Players New Play Contest (2005), and the Alan Minieri Award (2003). She was a finalist for the Humana Festival’s Heideman Award (2003), received an American Theatre Critics’ Association New Play Award nomination (2002), and was a silver medalist in the 2004 Pinter Review Prize for Drama.  Stratford’s work has been published and is produced throughout the United States and in Italy, Canada and Australia. She has taught playwriting at Cronell University, The Last Frontier Theatre Conference, The Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival and the Playwrights Center of San Francisco. She is a member of the Dramatists’ Guild. For more information about Aoise Stratford, visit www.aoisestratford.com.

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Population Growth by Aoise Stratford

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