Inside the Dressing Room by Sylvia Davenport-Veith


Thrown together as mothers-in-law-to-be, Cassie Clayton and Betty Longstring are shopping for their gowns, but not everything is going smoothly. While Cassie is happily modeling a chic dress on her trim frame, Betty is struggling into a body briefer and dreading the dress Cassie has selected for her. After much urging from Cassie, Betty emerges from behind the dressing screen and strikes a comic pose, only to be horrified when Cassie snaps her picture. She knows the dress is dreadfully unflattering and secretly wishes she could drop 40 pounds on the spot.  Meanwhile, Cassie mildly chides Betty for not exercising and enthusiastically begins a jazzercise lesson inside the dressing room. Not wanting to be a poor sport, Betty joins in, but she doesn't have the stamina. And, a darn hot flash hits.  Cassie whips out a water bottle spray fan, and hoses the hapless Betty down who madly tries to get away and save the dress from her dripping hair. Cassie grabs a shopping bag and sticks it on Betty's head which works until Betty nearly passes out from "breathing her own carbon footprint." Just when it seems these two ladies have nothing in common, the moment for a heart-to-heart arrives. Important secrets are shared, and they decide to start their friendship anew over hot fudge sundaes

The Cast

  • CASSIE CLAYTON: 43. An outwardly cheerful and enthusiastic Mother-of-the-Bride-to-Be. The years may have passed, but she is an attractive and trim Southern belle. Deep down inside, Cassie is hurting.

  • BETTY LONGSTRING: 45. Mother-of-the-Groom-to-Be and a somewhat reluctant shopping companion. Betty is the Southern mom who dresses casually, bakes, cooks, and loves waiting on her family. She has gained a few pounds over the years and avoids full length mirrors. She uses her wit to cover her insecurities.

The Setting

A ladies dressing room.


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