Ochlophobia by Sylvia Davenport-Veith



The Cast

  • PHOEBE: Early 20s. A professional makeup and hair artist, hired to prepare Suzanne for her appearance on a reality television show. Phoebe is in control except for her compulsive nail-biting. (Phoebe chews her nails throughout the play.)

  • SUZANNE: Early 20s. A writer of psycho self-help best sellers, Suzanne suffers from OCD and Ochlophobia (a fear of crowds). Knowing she has to appear on her sister's reality television show sends her into a panic.

  • FRANNIE/FREDDIE: Early 20s. Professional dog wrangler who rescues dogs for "In Love With A Dog."

  • THE DOG, BEOWOOF II: A dog rescued from a kill shelter, dressed for a wedding.

The Setting
The present. Suzanne's apartment living room, furnished with basic couch, coffee table, and floor lamp. One kitchen chair is placed next to the coffee table.


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