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Ochlophobia by Sylvia Davenport-Veith

ISBN #1-60513-137-7
JAC #2011-0042

The Cast
  • PHOEBE: Early 20s. A professional makeup and hair artist, hired to prepare Suzanne for her appearance on a reality television show. Phoebe is in control except for her compulsive nail-biting. (Phoebe chews her nails throughout the play.)
  • SUZANNE: Early 20s. A writer of psycho self-help best sellers, Suzanne suffers from OCD and Ochlophobia (a fear of crowds). Knowing she has to appear on her sister's reality television show sends her into a panic.
  • FRANNIE/FREDDIE: Early 20s. Professional dog wrangler who rescues dogs for "In Love With A Dog."
  • THE DOG, BEOWOOF II: A dog rescued from a kill shelter, dressed for a wedding.


The Setting
The present. Suzanne's apartment living room, furnished with basic couch, coffee table, and floor lamp. One kitchen chair is placed next to the coffee table.

Author Biography
At the age of ten, Sylvia was cast as the Widow Douglas in a children's theatre production of Tom Sawyer. After she stopped weeping over failing to land the part of Becky Thatcher, Sylvia discovered the fantastic bonanza that comes with character roles. She also never forgot the electric excitement pulsing through the cast as each child waited to step on stage for the first time.  Many years have passed since that long ago debut, but nothing has diminished Sylvia's love of theatre. After earning a BFA in Theatre (High Honors) and M.Ed. in English Education from the University of Florida, Sylvia relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where she continued to appear on stage at a variety of theatres. Additionally, she taught classes and directed plays of all genres for the Shiloh High School Theatre Department (a.k.a. Shiloh Onstage) in Snellville, Georgia. Sylvia directed her own play, Prom Night, for Shiloh Onstage in 2006. She is thrilled the play won Second Place in the 2008 Beverly Hills Theatre Guild Marilyn Hall Playwriting for Youth Competition. Other plays by Sylvia include: Grandmothers' Gifts (to be presented at The Bonderman Symposium Playwright Slam at the Indiana Repertory Company in March 2009); and A Snowy Night In Iowa (selected by Process Theatre for its annual Read-a-Thon in November 2008).  Sylvia is a member of The Dramatists Guild of America; The American Screenwriter's Association; The American Alliance for Theatre and Education; and Working Title Playwrights.

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Ochlophobia by Sylvia Davenport-Veith

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