Revenge of the Zombie Bridesmaids by Sylvia Davenport-Veith


Join Gabrielle and Libby on the set of Revenge of the Zombie Bridesmaids as they prepare to play extras. Before production assistant Boyd/Bonnie exits to get the actress playing the bride, he/she gives Gabrielle the news that she will be the zombie who gets to take down the bride. Thrilled about this career opportunity, Gabrielle throws herself into a series of exercises which are interrupted by the hapless, Libby— who knows nothing about acting or being on a movie set. Terrified that Libby’s inexperience will lead to their scene being cut, Gabrielle becomes an instant acting coach working at warp speed to define Libby as a prime actress. It’s one laugh after another, culminating in a freak accident that brings the girls to a new understanding.

The Cast

  • GABRIELLE: (early 20s): Even though she is disappointed she didn't land the leading role, she approaches her part as a Bridesmaid Zombie extra with all the enthusiasm of a serious artist. She is determined, ambitious, and somewhat of a snob.

  • LIBBY: (early 20s): A pre-law student on summer vacation, Libby landed this extra job as a Bridesmaid Zombie through a Facebook connection. She has no acting experience and tries hard to keep up with what is going on around her.

  • BOYD/BONNIE: (early 20s): As the Production Assistant on "Revenge of the Zombie Bridesmaids," Boyd/Bonnie is responsible for getting the extras in place, communicating on his/her headset with other production assistants, making sure props are available, and orchestrating some of the basic movements.

The Setting
The wreckage of a garden wedding gone terribly wrong. A few strewn folding chairs, a broken arch or trellis, stray body parts, ripped flower vines, and a bench give us the feeling that something of incredible force has torn through.


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