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Concerto for Organ in B-Sharp by Lucy Wang


ISBN #1-933159-88-X
JAC #2007-0005


This play was a Finalist for the Heideman Award, 2002 Actors Theater of Louisville, KY


  • DR. CADUCEUS: M.D. turned game show host personality.

  • VIVIEN: Beauty with an inoperable brain tumor.

  • ELIZABETH: Sixteen year-old teenager (virgin).

  • BYRON: Father of two.

  • SKY: Pop star.


A hilarious, provocative comedy where contestants compete for a liver transplant on the game show Who Wants To Be An Organ Donor!



We’re live on the set of a new television show.


Don't Take OUR Word for It!  Listen to what others are saying...

Hilarious. I couldn't stop guffawing. Pure genius how Lucy Wang raises our consciousness about the dire need for more organs and the inequity of organ distribution, but instead of beating us over the head like most playwrights do, she entertains, provokes, regales so we can think for ourselves. Her full-length plays GOOD MOURNING, AMERICA and JUNK BONDS, published by Original Works, proves Ms. Wang is a master artist with star power. - Lynne Grabar

The Perfect 10-minute play! A short play has to have several things in order to be successful: a plot that grabs your attention, extremely well-defined characters, a recognizable and consistent mood, and an incredibly clear point of view. And all of these things must be established within moments. Lucy Wang, who is a master craftswoman, has done all of that, and more, in "Conterto for Organ in B-Sharp." I bought the play because I am a huge fan of her work; I also LOVE short plays. Concerto will be perfect for almost any night or festival of short pieces, and it will not only stand out, it will be remembered as a highlight. The characters are hilarious, and the plot (a game show in which a dying person gets to decide who gets her organs) is ridiculous--in the best sense of the word. And who knew that the precise week I read the play a game show with the identical concept would crop up in Europe--to the horror of sane people everywhere. But remember: Lucy Wang thought of it first. From a production standpoint, it can be done with all the bells and whistles or in as minimalist a style as one can imagine. That's one of Wang's strengths: she leaves a lot up to the directors and actors. Take this piece and have a ball.
- Doug Brandt


Lucy WangPlaywright Biography

Lucy Wang Is an award-winning, published and produced writer, in spite of the odds, the pressure and the insanity. Wang began her illustrious career as a bond trader on Wall Street because her parents often threatened and screamed, "If we knew you were going to be a starving artist, we could have left you in China!" When Wang (nicknamed the "Hemingway of Memos") lost her job because the Mayor of New York lost his, Wang decided it was finally time to pursue her deepest passion. Everyone thought she was crazy to "waste" her University of Chicago MBA. Luckily, her biting first play JUNK BONDS won an award from the Kennedy Center and a new nickname, "the female David Mamet." She has been writing steadily ever since, surprising audiences with her diverse array of voices and life experiences and collecting as many awards, accolades and new nicknames along the way. Wang's other awards include a grant from the Berrilla Kerr Foundation, James Thurber Fellowship, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Honorary Fellow, Best New Play from the Katherine and Lee Chilcote Foundation, etc. Wang was also awarded a James Irvine Foundation Honorary Fellowship in 2007 for her work done during her second artistic residency at Djerassi.  Wang's plays have been produced all over and her voices span the gamut, from A to Z. In addition to plays, Wang has written screenplays, short stories, news articles, essays, and humorous creative nonfiction. Visit Lucy's Author Page on Amazon.com!


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Concert for Organ in B-Sharp by Lucy Wang

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