New England Entertainment Digest Photo File

Over the years, NEED has taken and collected hundreds of photos of celebrities (local and international), many of which are still in our files.  Sadly, in this age of electronic transfers and publishing, they only collect dust now.  We know, however, that there are many collectors out there so, rather than throwing these pictures away, these photos are all available for purchase - pretty much for the postage fee alone!  Here's what's/who's available

(the list will grow as we have time to scan)...

Aaberg, Philip
Abbott, Joy
Abby & Norm Group
Alexander, Jane
Alexander, Jason
Amante, Michael
Andersen, Eric
Anderson, Alva
Anka, Paul
Anonymous 4
Ardoin, Chris
Arkin, Alan
Auberjonois, Rene
Austin Lounge Lizards
Avner the Eccentric (Avner Eisenberg)
Avruch, Frank
Aztec Two-Step
NEW!! De Silva, Rohan
NEW!! Harris, Christine (with Joe Parillo)
NEW!! Hartley, Mariette
Mathis, Johnny
NEW!! O'Brien, Tim
NEW!! O'Connell, Maura
NEW!! OJI (with Ruff Endz)
NEW!! Oliveira, Elmar
NEW!! Orion String Quartet
NEW!! Ozawa, Seiji
NEW!! Page, Patti
NEW!! Parillo, Joe (with Christine Harris)
NEW!! Parker, Oliver

NEW!! Parker, Sarah Jessica
NEW!! Parker, Jann
NEW!! Parris, Rebecca
NEW!! Patinkin, Mandy
NEW!! Paul, Ellis
NEW!! Paxton, Bill
NEW!! Peacock, Alice
NEW!! Peck, Gregory
Pelty, Adam
NEW!! Perlman, Itzhak
NEW!! Peter (Yarrow), Paul (Stookie) & Mary (Travers)
NEW!! Petty, Tom
NEW!! Phelps, Kelly Joe
NEW!! Polish, Mark & Michael
NEW!! Poundstone, Paula
NEW!! Powers, Mala ("Rose of Cimarron")
NEW!! Pratt, Awadagin
NEW!! Prince, Faith
NEW!! Purl, Linda
NEW!! Ruff Endz (with OJI)
NEW!! Youngman, Henny


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